Wednesday, August 13


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Tuesday, July 22

The woman who's as old as her country.

Wednesday, July 16


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Day job in the city.

Monday, June 23

start, as you mean, to go on

Weird time to decide that you want to start again.

I mean, it's three o'clock in the fucking morning, I have work today, I shouldn't be awake, I shouldn't be browsing Facebook on my Nokia, and I sure as hell shouldn't have opened up my PowerBook to get a better look at the Internet (by which I mean the fifteen or thirty tabs I've open in Firefox--three-point-zero, no less--and, of course, Facebook).

What is the point of Facebook, anyway? You're either friends in communication that hence don't require yet another avenue with which to constantly communicate, or you're not really friends and you're just cyber-stalking (which I can somewhat understand the appeal of, considering I do do that), or A Long Time Ago, (You) Used To Be Friends. The last bit are usually people that you've difted apart from, or that have difted away from you, or occasionally have both drifted away from each other.

Except that on this island, you don't get to drift very far without running into them at Far East, at Borders, walking past them at Starbucks, reading about them in the papers, even just happening to think about them at the oddest times.

So all Facebook does is allow you to very efficently cyber-stalk without much effort. They post photos of them at parties, at school, in France, goofing around, flying to Bangkok, thinking about Christmas, what they've drawn, who they're with, what they're doing (or, in some cases, who they're doing).

I think I've forgotten what I was trying to say. Perhaps I shall go back to lying in bed and browsing Facebook on my mobile.

Friday, March 14


Zephyr, originally uploaded by aklw.

Wednesday, March 12

Family Dinner

Family Dinner, originally uploaded by aklw.

Sunday, January 6


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Tuesday, December 18

Day Deux

Day Deux, originally uploaded by aklw.

Friday, November 2

Wii Unboxed

Wii Unboxed, originally uploaded by aklw.

Wii got a Wii!

Sunday, October 7


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This represents all things wrong with the universe.


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Thursday, September 27


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Watch the copy...

Wednesday, September 26

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by aklw.

'That's quite a refined palate you've got there.'

This is breakfast.

Monday, September 10

Staple Graveyard

Staple Graveyard, originally uploaded by aklw.

Sunday, September 2


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It's finally over.