Tuesday, November 14



for all those enamoured with the Microsoft Zune because of its 'huge, high-resolution widescreen' that will 'kick the iPod video and Apple's sorry asses so bad', could you once and for all note that:

1 - it is not a widescreen. it is a standard 4:3 aspect ratio screen, just like the iPod with video. just because it looks wider when you turn it around sideways to watch video and view photos doess not make it a widescreen. it's because things tend to look wider in their horizontal orientations than their vertical ones.
2 - it is not of a higher resolution that the iPod. it has the same 320 by 240 pixel resolution, but is a few centimeters larger than the iPod with video's screen, making it a coarser display.
3 - that's all.

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