Wednesday, September 13

i would like to marry Steve Jobs

so, normally, the day after an Apple Special Event, i am left both excited and disheartened, because OMG SHINY NEW TOYS, but also OMG CANNOT AFFORD ANYTHING ANY MORE.

so when all those shiny (and matte---new nanos and shuffle are aluminium) new iPods were lauched i immediately checked my bank account balance, in between transcribing everything from the IRC chat room into the iChat window, where i was delievering news to Adri.

some of the new features, like brightness control, gapless playback and some sort of way to see where i was on the list whilst scrolling through thousands of songs/artists/albums, i have wanted for a long, long time.

so when the new iPods, with all that and some new Search function and longer battery lives and brighter screens were annouced, i was dismayed. because i won't be able to afford anything new at that price for a very, very long time, even if they're cheaper now.

but OMG Apple. they updated the software for ALL fifth-gen iPods. so i have brightness control, gapless playback, and an alphabetical overlay when i scroll through lists above a certain speed!!!

i don't have Search or a brighter screen or a larger-capacity battery, but WHO NEEDS ALL THAT? the Search is too Creative-fussy, anyway. and i have daily access to a power point. or a computer with FireWire or USB 2.0 ports.


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