Monday, June 26

Film Review: Superman Returns

and so, i'm back from the gala premiere of Superman Returns.

don't watch it. it's predictable, and boring. it's not even worth the sum of time spent there, free popcorn/coke combo, and the goodie bags. i cannot believe Bryan Singer left the X-Men trilogy to that hack director so that he could squeeze out this turd of a film. oh, and this Superman might not be gay, but he sure is one hell of an attention-seeking media whore.

if you insist, then run out and buy a Superman comic and some (actually, a lot of) Samsung electronics. then juxtapose Superman with the Samsungs in your living room, or whatever. you'll get the same effect.
"I think Superman Returns has put my brain on Permanently Bored."
if i must give stars, this one's a half-star.


Anonymous said...

please get a life

rongrong said...

anonymous, if your life's most exciting bit consists of spamming other people's blogs, I'd have to declare your life the saddest of all.isn't that a pity?