Friday, June 2

je veux seulement oublier...

i don't write with the regularity that i used to. i wrote more often, and i wrote much more. now i tend to send a photo from my mobile phone and publish it here, and oftentimes the accompanying text that i thumb into the message doesn't make it with the photo, for some reason replaced with "Brought to you by StarHub."

but bad things happen all the time. there is a constant flow of shit hitting the fan, in my life, and i don't expect to stem the flow or the flow to be stemmed.

good things have happened, and that should be enough. but when some things happen and you're not sure what they mean, it just makes you feel much, much worse. you constantly think, wonder, analyze and over-analyze, and you become paranoid-does it means something more? was it just what it was? was it a hint? was it just teasing?

good things have happened. that should be enough.

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